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A quickee from Jack Edwards

T'was a time when everything I bought came from the Saugus swap meet. 

One weekend, back in late 75 or early 76 we came across this giant instamatic store display. What a deal for only $4!  Looked like something you might find at the Oar House, so we took it there. When we got down to Santa Monica the Oar side wasn't open yet so we took it in the Chips and asked for the manager. The manager thought it was cool too so we struck a deal and traded it for free beer all night long.

Does anybody remember this camera? It was over the Chips bar on the extreme right hand side for awhile and then it disappeared. The story I got was that the flash was too intense, almost like the strobe in the Oar House so it was moved to storage.  click here to see camera


Jack Edwards


Part 2 of...... " Tall Tales of High Adventure and Major Bullshit"

An was an old custom when a new Grand American bar would open
They would send some tenders that knew how to pour drinks by company policy. Though Scanlon, Biker John from Sloans(doorman) and I went uninvited to open the Fort Collins store, Scanlon had it in his head that it was his duty to open this place. Both of these guys had motorcycles and each had logged hundreds of thousands of miles on trips. I HADN"T!!!  So, a week before we left Steve Bernard was kind enough to let me use his 550 Honda so I could get acclimated.  I drove up HWY 1 to the County Line and back. Bingo! I'm ready to travel 2 thousand mi round trip.

We met at Sloans for the take off point
, had a few cocktails and got a roaring send off from the crowd for our new adventure. The next thing I remember was dodging rabbitts running across the 10 freeway near the Colorado River. We slept the night on a bench at a rest stop. Biker John wanted to take back-roads the rest of the way to Denver. We stopped to bathe after 3 days of climbing mountains at 12 am, damn it was cold! John knew of this flow water coming out of a power plant somewhere in New Mexico so jump in we did. Thing is when we dropped our clothes on top of a bunch of spiders and bugs. Scanlon went nuts.

We got back on the road and I lost track of them, being on a smaller bike than the rest. I came around this turn that had been freshly oiled for resurfacing and was sliding all over the place but I was able to keep from hitting the pavement. I finally saw my compadres at the top of the hill exchanging cash. One
, was betting that I would hit the deck, assholes. After a round of FU's for leaving me behind, we continued. Driving into Denver with snow and rain falling wasn't exactly on my itenerary but the cards were dealt and there was no getting out of this hand. We were stuck behind a sand or salt truck that was dispersing it's load. Now I can't see out my visor and rubbing it with wet gloves only made it worse. We found a ski resort to stop at and by the looks we got, they could'nt wait to see us go. We stripped down to the essentials in front of a huge fireplace. Bless their hearts, everyone there bailed quickly. The fire never felt sooo gooood!! We were semi dry when management showed up asking what the hell we were doing. I asked "got anything to eat or drink?" They replied "get the hell out, you dogs." "Aaugh can I get it to go?"  Enough said as our retreat from the heat came to a close.

Biker John had the greatest ice breaker. Mind you John wore this jacket and pants that was
held together by patches.I don't believe you could see the original garment anymore. His Harley hat was so dirty from his travels you couldn't see the insignia anymore. HERE'S HIS CATCH!  He had these little clip on animals he put on his hat. Everyone asked about them and he always sold them, thus keeping us in cocktails and some gas.

I will never forget this road trip. Thank you Michael and John
(wherever you are) and may life be kind to you and that this story finds you in good health and spirit!

Paddy Flann
Cook/ Bartender 75-79
--Pat Flannery





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